About this Website

The Cultural Memory Reading Group has been meeting every two to three weeks since 2015 to discuss texts and projects related to cultural memory in an interdisciplinary context, encouraging postgraduate students from various disciplines and universities in London to participate in discussions or to present their own research. It is organised by Aleksandra Kubica and Sanna Stegmaier, both PhD students from the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries and the German Department of King’s College London. Previous sessions included presentations on forgetting and nostalgia, testimonio literature of Argentinian women writers, public engagement in exploring Jewish heritage in Poland a well as narrative memory in the digital age. In addition, we have discussed foundational texts of Cultural Memory Studies such as Marianne Hirsch’s work on postmemory, Michael Rothberg’s concept of multidirectional memory as well as Susannah Radstone’s understanding of locatedness in Cultural Memory. Among our guests have been Katia Pizzi from the School of Advanced Study and Jessica Rapson from King’s College London. 

 We would like this blog to grow into a postgraduate forum and network for an open discussion and sharing of thoughts on Cultural Memory Studies.

For any questions or if you would like to join future sessions, please email kclmemorygroup@gmail.com.


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