Call for Papers: Transnational Memory in the 21st Century

Call for Papers: Transnational Cultural Memory in the 21st Century

Postgraduate Symposium at King’s College London, 23 September 2016

Keynote speakers: Stef Craps (Associate Professor, Ghent University), Joanne Garde-Hansen (Associate Professor, University of Warwick)

The production, circulation, representation and reception of cultural memory beyond borders in an increasingly globalised world are central themes brought to attention in the transcultural memory turn (Erll and Nunning 2008, de Cesari and Rigney 2014). Academics in social sciences and humanities explore how memories are circulated, mediated and disintegrated through transcultural and transnational processes. What is the role of media in bringing about or assisting this transcultural memory turn? How can we approach the complex and controversial concepts of transnationalism and globalisation in the digital age through the lens of cultural memory studies? The joint seminar between King’s College London and the University of Leeds will explore the relevance of transnational cultural memory theories and methodological approaches in the 21st Century, with a particular focus on digital technologies, by inviting researchers at various stages of their career (PhD students, faculty) interested in cultural memory studies.

In the academic year 2015/2016 postgraduate students from KCL and other London-based universities have come together in the interdisciplinary Cultural Memory Reading Group of King’s Culture, Media and Creative Industries and the German Department. The group’s discussed selected key texts in cultural memory studies and considered their relevance for their PhD projects. To conclude the series of reading group meetings, the participants invite postgraduate researchers with an interest in cultural memory to present their work in progress at the symposium “Transnational cultural memory in the 21st Century”.  The event is a collaboration with PhD students from the University of Leeds, who are working in related areas and are associated with the three-year Leverhulme Trust-funded project: ‘Traumatic Pasts, Cosmopolitanism, and Nation-Building in Contemporary World Literatures’.

The symposium will open with a keynote lecture by Joanne Garde-Hansen, Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, and conclude with a second keynote by Stef Craps, Associate Professor at Ghent University in Belgium.

We invite papers from postgraduate students who would like to present their work on cultural memory, particularly transnational memory, in a supportive and friendly environment. Each researcher will have 15 minutes to present their work, followed by feedback from a paper discussant. We particularly encourage contributions that engage with the following topics, although papers relating to other aspects of cultural memory not listed below are also welcome:

  • The politics of memory
  • Digital media and memory
  • Human rights and memory
  • Transnational and local memories
  • Diasporic and travelling memories
  • Contested memories
  • Countermemories and minority histories
  • Amnesty and amnesia

Please send an abstract (max. 300 words), and a short bio (max. 100 words) to by July 30th, 2016.  We will inform applicants about our selection by the first week of August. Successful applicants will be asked to submit their papers by September 15th, 2016.



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